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Posted on: November 2, 2008

老闆問求職職員:「How do you see yourself in the next coming 5 years?」
求職職員答:「I want to become a GM.」

女友問男友:「我們就要結婚了, 你對未來有甚麼打算嗎?」
男友答:「我要在三年內坐上GM的位子, 好讓你有好日子過!」

六婆:「Walao eh! 你兒子好像撈到很不錯ho?」


不明白, 為何人人都想做GM… 可能是為了實現兒時的願望吧! 「我希望長大後能夠成為一個對社會有貢獻的人…」

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  • Thiam Hooi: After using it for few weeks, my comment is: - Simple UI - Easy to use - Keep my reading history Overall, I like it
  • Thiam Hooi: Installed and tested... It is a wrapper of Google reading list... It has better visualization of the content... Good to have :D
  • Teon: You may want to check out DropBox :)
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