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DropBoks – Simple Online File Storage

Posted on: February 23, 2010

Sometimes we need to use some common files frequently and it just happened that when we wanted to use it in different workstation or different client site, we forgot to bring our thumb drive or we just too far away from the client site. DropBoks comes in handy in this kind of situation. It’s a online file storage that provide 1GB space for the user. Yea, I know, 1GB is not much but it usually enough for some small files that we need to use it regularly, such as application patch file or some user manual, etc. And most importantly, it’s free!

One thing good about Dropboks is that it’s private, meaning it’s not a file sharing storage, it’s a private storage box! Only user with the login can download the file and upload the file.

It has a simple and clean interface. You need to register first in order to use the service, just click the “Get Started (free)” to register.


Login once you have already registered. Click “Add Files” to upload a file.


Voila! There you go!


You can do some simple task on the file by right clicking the file.


So, next time when your client call you up for some software problem, you can just refer them to here and give them the login to download the patch themselve, don’t even need to open up your email to send them the file, pretty convenient isn’t it?

URL: http://www.dropboks.com


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You may want to check out DropBox 🙂

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  • None
  • Thiam Hooi: After using it for few weeks, my comment is: - Simple UI - Easy to use - Keep my reading history Overall, I like it
  • Thiam Hooi: Installed and tested... It is a wrapper of Google reading list... It has better visualization of the content... Good to have :D
  • Teon: You may want to check out DropBox :)
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