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Sometimes I really wonder where my money goes, why it won’t stick to my wallet? I tried everything – I polish my wallet so it looks nice and new, I put some perfume into my wallet so it smells nice, I throw out all the unneccessary rubbish out of my wallet, all these is just to create a nice and harmony living place for my money… but it just don’t want to stay there. So I realize that I must find another way… perhaps Money Manager Ex would help…

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  • Thiam Hooi: After using it for few weeks, my comment is: - Simple UI - Easy to use - Keep my reading history Overall, I like it
  • Thiam Hooi: Installed and tested... It is a wrapper of Google reading list... It has better visualization of the content... Good to have :D
  • Teon: You may want to check out DropBox :)